On-call Freelance WordPress Woocommerce Support / Help

$20 per hour or flat rate to complete your list of service request

I am a freelancing web developer based in Las Vegas Nevada. My services specialize in repairing, restoring, and building various types of ecommerce websites with Woocommerce in both mainstream and the adult industry. I often service beginner/newbie website owners that require a website restore and or repair and even full builds. Let’s talk about your Woocommerce needs.

My services also include:

Buy a pre-build Woocommerce webstore uploaded with affiliate products. Earn from commission sales. No customer contact, no product stocking.

E-bike Webstore for Sale $500 Full Setup
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    Air Rifle Webstore for Sale $500 Full Setup
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      Drone Webstore for Sale $500 Full Setup
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        These are pre-build website preloaded with affiliate products. Every product “buy” button leads to the affiliates page where the item is sold. You will recieve commision from items sold when they eneter the site from the product “buy” button.

        These sites can be purchase in one of 2 ways, option 1. ($250) as site files and database only or option 2. ($500) full setup. Option 1 you will set up the files and database on your server with your domain. This option is more for the experienced WordPress user. Option 2 I will complete a full setup including the purchase of hosting and domain name of your choice. After set up you we make the account transfer of emails and passwords.

        Please note:
        The hosting account that you purchase in the full setup option will have a monthly renew charge of 5.99 with the hosting company NameCheap.com. Also the domain will have a yearly renew purchase of $13 to $20. You will be responsible for these monthly and yearly charges.

        This is a basic Woocommerce store setup pre-loaded with affiliate products that can be customized to add drop ship items and even your in-house new or used items. The products are linked to various affiliates under the affiliate umbrella Share-a-sale.com. The full setup option will include an account with ShareASale.com. The SharASale.com account will be joined with the affiliates related to the products on the site. There will be a code at the end of each product link which credits you commission when and items is sold.

        Please note: Google requires that products must be sold directly from the selling website in order to advertise on their platform. The affiliate items on the site are sold from the affiliate site and note directly from these starters sites. There for these affiliate products cannot be advertised on the Google or Bing platforms.