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Las Vegas Based Freelance Service.

WordPress & Google Ads Service for Startups and Small Business


Scrape product information from affiliate website to Woocommerce

Add affiliate external products to website

Bulk product uploads & edits

Set product attributes

…and more….just ask…


HIP WEBSITES: Build paid or free membership site

Block content from non-members

Build self hosted video conferencing server on Google cloud using JITSI.

Configure pay per view/minute sections of the site.

Add Chatroom to site

Set up customer chat support system

…and more….just ask…


Malware removal

Restore broken or old websites to function

Troubleshoot any hosting or website issue

Increase page load speed of slow websites

…and more….just ask…


Configure Google/Bing search/shopping ads campaigns

Create landing pages for affiliate offers and ads

Promote your service or products with various digital media services.

Promote your adult or mainstream live stream

Configure multi-site (several separate subdomain websites under one domain)

Add free SSL certificates to websites

…and more….just ask…

My Current Projects

online advertisement

WordPress Ecommerce & Google Shopping Ads


WordPress monetized by affiliate CBD products –

Jitsi Meet Video Chat Server Build – Please ask to see a demo.

WordPress Freelance Website Developer


“I can offer a competitive flat bid upon a list of your service request.”

“I can start your website build on my server at no upfront cost to you.”


    {gspeech autoplay=1 speechtimeout=0}Las Vegas based WordPress freelance developer for startup and small business. Click the screen to stop this reading. I am a WordPress Web Developer of 10 years. I am skilled in backend tasks such as server migration, load optimization, malware removal, WordPress multisite and other tasks such as theme building and plugin configuring.Please view my recent personal projects below, created and built by myself to help get a better understanding of my skills. Ebike dropshippng WordPress Site – This is an ebike dropshipping project fully developed by me. It is configured with a product comparison and filtering system to help viewers locate their desired items quicker. It also has a customer chat support system and a voice feature to read the refunds and returns policy to the interested viewer.WordPress monetized by affiliate CBD products – This website is monetized by promoting CBD affiliate products. The buy now button on the product page takes the interested viewer to the affiliate website to proceed with the sale.WordPress Ecommerce & Google Shopping Ads – is my personal ecommerce website selling both used and new items. I advertise the items using Google Adword and Bing Shopping ads.Party refreshments delivery/catering site on WordPress – This is another project I built from the ground up. It is configured monetize for catering/delivery services. When an order is made the site will add mileage and tax to the order. It also has a minimum order function meaning that it will not continue to checkout until the minimum order is made.This project was built on WordPress multisite platform. The image are blank as this is a demo site.Jitsi Meet Video Chat Server Build – Please ask to see a demo.I have experience in building JitsiMeet Server on Google Cloud Ubuntu Instance. Jitsi meet is a powerful encrypted open source video chat server software that uses WebRTC technology. I can implement this live broadcast on my ecommerce, drop ship, or any WordPress site.This portfolio image is actually the image of the free version of JitsiMeet. These servers are not private. I keep my server off to save bandwidth cost until I am ready to use it.Thank you and hope to work with you.