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for WordPress websites only

Google / Bing Shopping Listing for Your Products

20 Ad Click Package. A convenient and easy way to expose products on shopping networks to make sales or to test your products response to online advertisement.

Example: Mobile and Desktop view

Get your product exposed on Google or Bing Shopping networks with image ads linking to your buy now product page. The 20 click ad package will show your product ad to match people searching for the brand, model and item description with a maximum of 20 clicks. No merchant account hassles, no product feed hassels for you.  Below is what is needed and the steps of the process…

  1. Please fill the form.

  2. At no cost to you, research of the search count and cost for your product ad in the area you choose  will be completed and sent to you.

  3. The estimate will come as an email quote with and ACCEPT & DECLINE button at the top.  The quote will change to an invoice once accepted.  After the invoice is processed with a payment  I will proceed with creating your product online ad and also your WordPress landing page optimization to get the most out of your ad for the best cost. WordPress Dashboard access will be needed.

  4. After a final configuration check the ad will be launched and you will be notified to view it. The ad will automatically stop after 20 clicks and you will receive the last report. The time to complete the 20 clicks could take hours to weeks depending on the demand of your product.