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Las Vegas, Nevada


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Invoice Date December 9, 2016
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 Phrase over front pic should read “DREAMS + DRIVE = A DEGREE

No “should”/ Stronger, powerful font/larger letters

Academic Success

 Replace pic from GOTM pic library

 Copy will read:

Providing scholarships to college-bound students of need is the heartbeat of

Generations on the Move. Several events are set for Spring, 2017 in Southern

California (see Fundraising Section below) to be able to provide graduates in

San Diego and LA with financial assistance to pursue their dreams and make

significant contributions to society.

Our selection process will focus on, but not be limited to, the students from

the following programs this school year:


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Community Empowerment

 Replace pic from GOTM pic library

 Copy will read:

For San Diego,we are preparing to host our beautiful families this year in one

central location! GOTM starts with our traditional, collective Posada Dinner

on Saturday, December 17 th . Those attending are asked to bring gifts or gift

cards for the designated families. Then, on Sunday, December 18 th ,

Generations on the Move will be providing 9 families with a Christmas meal,

gifts for each member of the family, food gift cards, and lots of

encouragement to stay moving forward.

In the LA area, we are fortunate to deliver the same bounty to 4 families!

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Fundraising Events

 Walk/Run Los Angeles……...Saturday, February 18 th , 2017

 WineRaiser San Diego…….…Sunday, April 2, 2017

 Walk/Run San Diego………....Saturday, May 20 th , 2017

 Comedy Night Los Angeles…Summer, 2017

 Community Dinner TBD…….Fall, 2017

Our Mission

 Remove first photo box re: promote pride in heritage

 Swap photos for empower and achieve

 Place new empower photo and copy in left box/center box read Our Mission

with strong font/ right box holds new achieve photo and same copy

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Total Due $50.00
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