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Las Vegas, Nevada


Invoice Date February 22, 2021
Total Due $280.00
Plugin Service Payment
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5 Restore Jlareg

Troubleshooting for this site took extra time to solve the issue. Apparently after clearing Godaddy firewall cache memory the site no longer appeared revealing that the site was not loading from site files as it was loading from godaddy firewall cached memory for some time. After some time troubleshooting to this point a rebuild of the site was achievable . The database of the site was corrupted and would load the site. That corrupted database was saved and the site was restored with a back up I found in the files from 2017.

3 restore plazawestth.com

Like the restore of the other sites this site was restored by manually replacing Wordpress core files and troubleshooting database connection.

Sub Total $280.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $280.00
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