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email: eric@ewebdeveloperservices.com phone: (562)444-5130

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Which service do you require below?

Service #1

I want full service Google Adword account + Campaign/Ads setup.

This service is  for those who want a quick & proper account/campaign setup for their business. This service does not include ads creation.

What you get in this service:

  • Google Adwords, Analytics, Search Console setup
  • 1 hour a day for 5 week days to answer questions and guide you in learning the system and setting up campaigns.


Service #2

I need service for existing Google Adwords account campaign/Ads.

This service is best for those that require Adwords service such as:

  • Fix errors on Google Merchant feed
  • Listing unique items such as collectibles 
  • Clearing issue with accounts and listings.
  • Optimizing ad listings
  • Landing page creations
  • and more. Please ask…..



Service #3

I don’t need a account. I only want to pay for ad click/call to my business.

This service is best for those who do not plan to or have the time to manage a Google account and do not wish to pay for access to the Google account. They only prefer to pay for the clicks/calls from  ads. The option is always open to pay for the account later after having confidence of what the ads brings to their business.

  • Initial startup fee is $25
  • Monthly management fee $75
  • Pay 15% of add spend. Example:  If your click has a Google cost of $1 you pay $1.15 to my service, I pay the dollar to Google.
  • Receive weekly reports