Las Vegas, Nevada

Quote Number QUO-0046
Quote Date August 17, 2017
Valid Until August 27, 2017
Total $300.00
Font: Roboto, black (consistent weight across all headings, subheadings, and body content)
Page cannot be found. I would have to ad some dummy content to complete this. There currently isnt any text content in the pages.
All image file sizes need to be reduced to speed up site load time
Entire site needs to work on mobile
Style needs to remain consistent throughout entire site. Goal is: Clean, impactful through use of white backgrounds, black roboto text and bold imagery
It is best to configure font sizes with full page content. Dummy text content will need to be added to configure and view font feel.
RREA logo overlaid center and emphasized with formatting
Find Out More button added below logo, call-to-action that clicks through to About page
Image file size reduced to speed up load time
Disable scroll function from homepage
** Page breaks on mobile ** (Google Fonts plugin)
I tried to view this on mobile. I would like some clearification on this please.
Approx 15 pix row at top of page needs to be removed (it’s currently black)
The black row i see on top is with the logo and nav menu. Is this the correct place?
Image file sizes reduced to speed up load time
Spacing between rows needs to be consistent and even
I would like clearification on this  please. Would this be text rows?
Background White
New list of events inputted in a more creative way than existing format
The pages cannot be found. I would like to view this list. 
Page needs to be added
To pull in IG feed: Rotman Real Estate Association
Pull in FB page
Are you requesting to have a FB page called "Team" to be displayed in the WordPress page called Social?
Image file sizes reduced to speed up load time
Images need to line up with the middle of the text
Page cannot be found. I would like to view the images
Header and footer graphic needs to be added to page (Toronto focused)
I would like to have a quick phone conversation about the details of this request please.
LinkedIn profile links to be added
Links should be in black
Font needs to be consistent with rest of site
Appearance needs to be stylized consistent with site
Formatting to be fixed and consistent with rest of site
Add imagery to be consistent with rest of site


The page cannot be found.  I would like to view this contact page.
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 List of request. $300.000.00%$300.00
Sub Total $300.00
Tax $0.00
Total $300.00

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