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Las Vegas, Nevada


Quote Date January 23, 2020
Total $50.00

This is a description of a partnership proposal between eWebdevelopserservices and the service provider(thecoder) of thecoder.websitepopularity.info

eWebdeveloperservices will build, host and manage the website thecoder.websitepopularity.info at no cost in exchange for a monthly hosting and management fee of $50. The service provider(thecoder) will keep all profits of services. The site files can be purchased for a flat $400 fee. Full dashboard access and all site files will be restricted until the $400 is processed. All advertising cost will be paid by the service provider(thecoder) unless requested.

The items after item number 1 are existing services that show $0 amount. They are there for future request if any.

This is a suggested proposal. I am open to negotiate.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Monthly website hosting and maintenance

plugin updates, fix any problems, lite customization request

1 thecoder.websitepopularity.info / site files and database

Full dashboard access and all site files will be restricted until $400 is processed.

1 Google Adwords Campaign setup fee for 3 keywords and one landing page creation

One time setup which involves:
1. keyword research of 3 keywords
2. customized landing page build
3. Google ad creation

1 Ongoing Google ads management - monthly

Involves weekly emailed reports of Google ads performance

Sub Total $50.00
Tax $0.00
Total $50.00

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